Oxand is an international consulting and solutions provider with proven capabilities, knowledge and tools for capital intensive assets. As an independent company, we deliver risk-informed decision support information that improves returns across the life cycle of our clients’ assets.

Our worldwide clients are investors, owners, contractors and managers in Energy (Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Renewables), Transport (Railways, Roads & Waterways) and Public/Private Properties (Public Infrastructures, Private & Industrial assets).

Enhancing our clients’ reputations by supporting better decisions, with more than 1,150 billion Euros worth of analysed assets, we have experience that includes optimising the life cycle decisions and reducing costs by 10 to 30%; making possible life extension versus renewals; and reducing costly delays of large projects.

Our solutions, supported by our Simeo™ technologies and data libraries, are fully compliant with best standards (as ISO 55000, ISO 31000, ISO 15288, NEC3…). We deliver tailored consultancy, training and IT solutions.


  • Over €b 1,150 worth of capital assets analysed
  • 1000 projects throughout the world
  • Over 100 international multi-skilled specialists (MSC, PHD…)
  • 250 technical and scientific publications
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